AnyTone AT-778UV Dual Band Transceiver Mobile Radio VHF/Uhf Two Way Amateur Radio

Price: $124.99
(as of Dec 01,2020 14:09:15 UTC – Details)

Specifications: phase-locked step: 2.5Khz, 5Khz, 6.25Khz, 8.33Khz, 10Khz, 12.5Khz, 20Khz, 25Khz, 30Khz, 50Khz squelch: carrier/CTCSS/DCS dimensions(w*h*d)112(w)*30(h)*14.2(L)mm receiver(etsi attention 300086 standard testing)
sensitivity(12db SINAD): wide band: ≤ 0.25Μv narrow band:≤ 0.35Μv audio response wide band: +1~-3db(0.3~3Khz) narrow band:+1~-3db(0.3~2.55Khz)
hum&noise: wide band:≥45Db narrow band:≥40Db
audio distortion:≤5%
audio power Output:>2w@8ω
transmitter(etsi attention 300 086 standard testing)
power Output: wide band: 25W/15W/5W narrow band: 25W/15W/5W hum&noise: wide band:≥40Db narrow band:≥36Db audio response:+1~-3db(0.3~3Khz) narrow band:+1~-3db(0.3~2.55Khz)
audio distortion:≤5% microphone 25W/15W/5W dual band VHF/UHF mobile radio transceiver with DTMF and 5Tone function! Color LCD. 180 degree rotatable TFT LCD display.
Frequency range: VHF: 136-174mhz UHF: 400-480mhz. Please download the programming software from support in AnyTone website.You can find the AnyTone website address in the user’s manual.
Features ctcss, DCS, 200channels & more! Narrow band Compliant, lighted keypad mic, built-in speakers in both radio & mic, built-in cooling fan, DC power cable with fuse holder & more!
Single call, group call, selective call and emergency call are all available.
☛Warranty 1 year warranty. Money back if you are not satisfied with it in 1 month. Please feel free to Contact with us if you have any query. We will give you prompt reply and good after service

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