Bora Portamate Mobile Base PM-3550 Industrial Strength with Swivel Wheels – Universal, Super Heavy Duty, Adjustable Rolling Kit, Dolly Roller for Equipment, Power Tools, Machines- 1500 lb Capacity

Price: $225.00 - $199.99
(as of Nov 25,2020 00:07:05 UTC – Details)

Bora Portamate Mobile Base PM-3550 with swivel casters is the industrial strength solution for moving your heaviest equipment with ease.
Of all the mobile bases offered by Bora Portamonte for moving woodworking and machine shop tools, the PM-3500 leads the pack with its 1500lb capacity. And with four-swivel wheels, it’s the perfect mobile base for long equipment and bulkier footprint items like molders, table saws, and planers. Your heavy machinery, benches, and other large items around your workshop easily become movable.
It’s super strong frame is perfect for industrial use. It is a universal, fully adjustable roller platform, with a capacity that exceeds the competition by hundreds of pounds.
Like our other mobile bases, this model increases and decreases its size in one-inch increments, from 20.75 x 23.75 inches to 28 x 33.5 inches. The all steel construction, solid corner brackets, and swiveling wheels with foot control locking levers ensure maximum strength, stability, and mobility. This mobile base also features side rails and corner pieces to insure the perfect secure fit for your machine.
Purchase the Bora Portamate PM-3245T Mobile Base Extension to expand your PM-3550 Mobile Base as needed. (sold separately).
The PM-3550 is ideal for larger machines like band saws, and it’s also the perfect dolly for cabinets, that fridge or washing machine you need to move, and anything else. Everything you need is included in this one convenient kit and you are backed by our one-year warranty.
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HEAVIEST CAPACITY: The Bora Portamate Mobile Base PM-3550 has the heaviest weight capacity at 1500lbs. (680 kg). It’s industrial strength makes it ideal to move square or rectangle equipment and heavy tools around your shop.
4 SWIVEL WHEELS: Four swivel casters provide superior handling for maneuvering large equipment, including woodworking equipment, power tools, table saws, bandsaws, planers, jointers, shapers, sanders and more, in tight spaces.
ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Adjusts from 20.75 x 23.75 inches to 28 x 33.5 inches (53 x 60 cm to 71 x 85 cm), and is adjustable in 1-inch (2.54 cm) increments to fit a wide variety of machines. The stand has a low profile that lifts machine height by less than 1 inch (2.54 cm).
EASY GLIDE + LOCKING LEVERS: The easy to use foot-operated locking levers lock the steel mobile base firmly into place. When it’s time to get moving, the 3 inch non-marring ball bearing swivel wheels provide an effortless glide.
OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS: The Bora PM-3245T Mobile Base Extension Kit (sold separately) allows you to expand the size of your PM-3550 as needed to accommodate larger objects.

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