Continental Industries Metal Floor Registers – Vent Cover Set – Floor Vents 4×10 Brown, Set of 6

Price: $40.58
(as of Dec 14,2020 04:24:19 UTC – Details)

Continental Industries metal floor registers are proudly designed and manufactured in the heartland of the U.S.A. They are available in a golden brown color in packs of 6.

These floor vents are constructed from premium steel, including a one-piece wraparound collar that ensures superior strength and a vastly extended lifetime. The patented design of Continental Industries vent covers incorporates opposed blade dampers and levers, which facilitate the airflow and allow for easy control.

These floor registers wouldn’t be complete without a smooth finish that is aesthetically pleasing and ensures you don’t cut yourself if you run your fingers across the surface.

Continental Industries floor vent registers are designed for easy installation to any HVACC application and come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

MADE IN THE USA: We have proudly designed and manufactured our products in the heartland of America. We do so competitively and with a passion for quality to ensure that we provide our customers the guarantee of an all american product.
METAL CONSTRUCTION: A premium steel floor vent register designed with a one-piece wraparound collar for increased strength provides the rigidity needed to ensure a well built ventilation that would last a lifetime.
UNRESTRICTED AIRFLOW CONTROL: Patented design with opposed blade damper to ensure unrestricted and versatile airflow with lever for easy control over this floor register.
SMOOTH EDGE DESIGN: Smooth paint finish ensures top quality product and be able to run your fingers across its surface and not worry cutting yourself.
EASY AND VERSATILE INSTALLATION: Our floor register 4×10” is designed for easy and versatile installation to any HVAC application you will ever need! (Please see description for exact dimensions)

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