Easyfone Prime-A4 GPS Localisation Unlocked Smart Senior Cell Phone, Big Button Hearing Aids Compatible Easy-to-Use Mobile Phone with Charging Dock (Red)

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Product Description



#2-#9 8 programmable direct dial button with photo, Unique design for elderly user.

3 colors3 colors

Easyfone Prime-A4

An unlocked phone with a host of never before features to help your beloved elders stay connected, independent & safe…

Emergency GPS positioning

Hearing aid compatible

App Interaction

Photo speed dial

Big Button | Cradle Charger | GPS | Big Battery | Easy to use

Product description

Easyfone Prime-A4 is an unlocked senior cell phone, it works perfectly with AT&T network or any other carrier that use AT&T network(Select Prepaid SIM Card). The phone has enhanced volume, enhanced buttons, enhanced icon/font and cradle charger kinds special design for elderly. It has large programmable SOS button with GPS feature can call for help in case of the emergency.

GPS Positioning – The built-in GPS functionality is a great way to let family know your location when pressed SOS button.

Big Button – Enhanced emboss buttons for easy dialing.

Cradle Charger – Designed for elderly, Easy to charger and easy to use.

Big Battery – 1500Mah real capacity battery, Standby time up to 7 days.

Easy-to-use – Simple operating system and clear/big Icon, Easy to use for elderly.

Product Highlights

big key

big key



dock charger

dock charger

Enhanced emboss buttons

Big button size Ergonomic button layoutUnique embossed character button better for elderly

SOS Assistance Button

Call for help in case of the emergencySend SMS text messages to up to 5 contactsCall the same 5 contacts (this process is stopped by the first answered call)Location information message

Cradle Charger

Simply slide Prime-A4 into the cradle charger. Add anti-slip mat for better stableEasy-to-Use, Good for eldely user daily use.

Special Features

gps message

gps message



big battery

big battery

GPS Positioning(SOS Message)

Built-in GPS ChipHigh precision positioningLocation information message will be sent to emergency contacts after user pressed SOS Assistance ButtonView Location with Google Map

Note: User can manually swich off GPS feature in the menu.

HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible)

Cutting Edge M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatibility Ideal for the customers with hearing aid devices.Brand speaker ensures every conversation is loud and clear

Long Time Standby

1500Mah real capacity batteryNormally standby time up to 7 daysOn call talk time about 8 hours


Pinnie Talkie App

This is a senior phone management service App, Great combination between smartphone and senior phone, Many new features like never been seen before will redefine senior phone. iOS Smartphone download on the App store Android Smartphone get it on Google Playstore


(APP) GPS Positioning

Automatically locate Prime-A4 every 18 minutes, The built-in GPS functionality is a great way to keep family in your network informed of your location.

Note: Owner of Prime-A4 can manually swich off GPS feature.

Menu – Tools – GPS/AGPS – Auto – Off.


(APP) Remote Reminder

Send you lovely reminders by voice or words to your love ones who live apart.


Voice ReminderText Reminder


(APP) EasyTalk

Real-time voice chat, Push to talk and multi-emoticon designed for seniors who inconvenient typing.

Support: senior phone ←→ smartphone

senior phone ←→ senior phone

smartphone ←→ smartphone


Pinnie Talkie App


GPS Positioning


Remote Reminder



Common Problems & Solutions


CP: This phone doesn’t connect to network / AT&T staff told us this phone is not compatibe with thier network./ Why doesn’t work with T-mobile?

S: Most of these problems are caused by using the wrong sim card. This is a worldwide unlocked 3G cell phone compatible with Prepaid plan SIM card from AT&T or any other carrier that use AT&T network. Simply insert the SIM card into the phone and you’re ready to go.

About T-Mobile, T-Mobile no longer provide 2G/3G network, If you are a T-Mobile user for better network support please change to AT&T prepaid service.

Note 1, This is a worldwide unlocked cell phone, AT&T may not have collected this phone bands information into their database and AT&T staff may tell you that AT&T is not compatible with this phone. Just insert your Prepaid SIM card and it works.

Note 2, This is a GSM Phone, Will NOT work with CDMA Carriers (Verizon, Sprint, Boost, PagePlus).


CP: Where have a video tutorial can teach us using Pinnie Talkie?

S: Searching keyword “Pinnie Talkie” on Youtube we made some Operation video for new user, it will helps if the user manual won’t help.


CP: What’s in Box?


1*Prime A4 1*Cradle Charger 1*Charging/Data Cable 1*Charger 1*User Manual 1*Battery 1*Lanyard

2.31” HD display screen + 2.0MP HD camera + Φ20 Box speaker w/ Hearing Aid Compatibility(HAC) + High brightness Torch + GPS(Global Positioning System)
1500Mah real capacity battery, Standby time up to 5-7 days w/ easy cradle charger, just place your phone on its stand, and it starts charging!
#2-#9 8 programmable direct dial button with photo, Unique design for elderly user.
【Select Prepaid SIM Card】Compatibility Nationwide on 2G/3G carriers like AT&T or any other carrier that use AT&T network(Select Prepaid SIM Card). Will NOT work with T-Mobile/MetroPCS, NO CDMA Carriers (Verizon, Sprint, Boost, PagePlus)

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