iPad Air 4 User Guide for Seniors: An Illustrative Manual to Navigate the New iPad Air 4th Generation

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The 10.9-inch, Liquid Retina display device is the redesigned iPad Air featuring a radical change that brings it closer in shape and performance like the iPad Pro.

It characterizes True Tone and P3 wide color, among others.

The iPad Air 4th generation sits comfortably in the middle between the moderately cost iPad and the massive iPad Pro.

The new device boasts a display that typically captures an edge-to-edge view with a design that follows the iPad Pro pattern. With an Aluminum chassis that is flat with rounded edges show-casing the fully-laminated display.

The fully updated iPad Air has debuted the iPad family to offer unique color options, the same obtainable with iPhones.

Interestingly, the latest iPad Air features a first of its kind with Apple devices a touch ID sensor integrated into the top (power) button.

The processor is top-notch with the 6-core A14 Bionic chip, the latest A-Series chip built on a 5-nanometer process. This implies a 40% faster Central Processing Unit (CPU) performance and a 30% improvement in the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) performance.

The camera’s improvement is fascinating, with a 7MP front-facing FaceTime camera suitable for selfies, etc. The rear camera features a 12MP with a wide-angle view similar to the iPad Pro.

The iPad Air is provisioned to work comfortably with the latest magic keyboard with a trackpad. The Apple Pencil fits well with the device for easy navigation in and around the gadget.

Propelled by a battery capacity of 28.6 watts-hour, which Apple says will last up to 10 hours surfing the net or watching videos.

This book, iPad Air User Guide, aims to make sure you get the nitty-gritty of the entire workings of this piece of device. It is believed that with the working knowledge of your gadget, you can easily optimize the use.

Some of the topics that have been carefully treated inside the book include the following:

•The full specifications, including color, design, network types, etc.

•The iPad Air Pencil: benefits of the Pencil and the tips & tricks that can be carried out on your iPad using the Apple Pencil.

•The magic keyboard & trackpad, including tips and tricks to enable you to maximize the use of the device

•Apple ID: the benefits and how to create one.

•How to restore data from your previous device, whether Apple or Android-powered device, into your new gadget.

•Tips and tricks to set up Touch ID (Fingerprint) on your device.

Indeed, many more topics have been handled in this book with a step-by-step approach to ensure a better understanding.

Besides, a graphical approach was also adopted where necessary to help you optimize the use of your iPad Air 4 device.

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