Mint Mobile Starter Kit | Verify Compatibility with Our Talk, Text & Data Plans (3-in-1 GSM SIM Card)

Price: $5.00 - $0.99
(as of Nov 29,2020 03:44:32 UTC – Details)

Product Description

What’s Better than Being Sure? Being Really, Really Sure.
Mint Mobile gives you premium wireless service at pretty much the lowest price on the planet. But no matter how low our price is, you want to be sure we’ll actually work with your device and location, right? We feel you—that’s why we created the Mint Mobile $5 Starter Kit.

What’s It Do?

The $5 Starter Kit lets you try out our service right on your current device wherever you live, work and play. We give you 100MB of 4G LTE data, 100 text messages, and 100 minutes of talk—just what you need to make sure everything works great before you buy a full plan. No simulations, no gimmicks—we’re talking real Mint Mobile service you can try for yourself.

Do I Need It

The $5 Starter Kit isn’t necessary to start a Mint Mobile account, but it might save you some grief—and some money—if you’re not sure whether Mint works for your device or location. If it works—great! Get a full plan! But if it doesn’t work, at least you’re only out 5 bucks and not the full price of a 3-, 6- or 12-month plan. That’s the whole point!

How It Works

Your $5 Starter Kit includes two SIM cards and instructions on how to activate, exclusively with our free app. But in a nutshell, you use the first SIM card to activate the trial on your device using a new phone number we’ll provide. You can use the second SIM card later when you want to bring your current number over to Mint with a low-priced full plan (or leave the first SIM in to keep your new number).

P.S. We’ll Credit You Back

Yup, we’ll even credit back the $5 when you purchase any full Mint Mobile plan through the Mint app after your trial. So if all goes well, your $5 Starter Kit may actually be a $0 Starter Kit. How many other wireless plans are doing this? Oh, that’s right—approximately none of them! The sooner you get your $5 Starter Kit, the sooner you start saving a ton—so hop to it!

How to Start Your Trial
  •  Order your $5 Starter Kit
  •  Wait for it to come in the mail
  •  Activate it exclusively using our free app
  •  Go nuts with your trial service!

For just $5, we’ll send you two SIM cards—download our free Mint Mobile app to activate the first SIM and test Mint where you live, work, and play
Trial includes 100MB of 4G LTE data, 100 text messages, and 100 minutes of talk—all of which is good for 7 days after activation
Once you know we’re a match, choose the plan that’s right for you and use the second SIM to transfer your current phone number to Mint (or keep your new number with the first)
We’ll even credit the $5 back when you purchase any full Mint Mobile plan through the Mint app after your trial, which means you get premium wireless service for just $15/month AND the credit—score!

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