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Conspiracy, betrayal, and revenge in the global telecom industry

Someone is blowing up mobile-phone towers across England. Messages scrawled in blood-red paint at the scenes proclaim that mobile phones are the instruments of the devil. What’s more, a gunman — or gunmen — is shooting cell phone users in mid-conversation. Baffled police investigators scramble to avert public panic.

In four interlocking parts, this tense drama peels back the layers of a terrorist conspiracy, gradually revealing the evil at its core. We follow three characters — a disgraced telecom executive (Michael Kitchen, Foyle’s War), a bitter ex-soldier (Jamie Draven, Billy Elliot), and a disgruntled engineer (Neil Fitzmaurice, Going Off Big Time) — all united by circumstance or collusion. In a style reminiscent of Crash, the narrative moves backward and forward in time, unraveling the three men’s complex motives and their connections to a ruthless self-made millionaire (Keith Allen, Robin Hood). The result is an ultra-modern thriller packed with surprising twists and astonishing emotional depth.

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