OFIYAA Cellphone Cooler, Mobile Game Portable Cooler, USB Powered Smartphone Portable Fan Cooling Radiator for Games, Cooler for iPhone/Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi and for iOS/Android (SR888-7-B)

Price: $21.90
(as of Dec 12,2020 08:08:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description

4-phone cooler black4-phone cooler black

5-phone cooler black5-phone cooler black

10-phone cooler black10-phone cooler black

11-phone cooler black11-phone cooler black

12-phone cooler black12-phone cooler black

【2 seconds rapid cooling】The radiator of the mobile phone uses a new ice porcelain freezing technology. The cooling plate adheres to the high temperature operating part of the CPU of the mobile phone and absorbs and dissipates heat at the same time, so freezing can be completed immediately.
【Quiet and unobtrusive】Light and compact size makes it convenient to carry. When playing MOBA and FPS games, it does not completely interfere with the operation of the game. The quiet design suppresses noise generation so you can enjoy games and watching freely.
【USB power supply type & plug and play】The USB power supply type is adopted and there is no battery built in,so the weight of the cooling cooler has been significantly reduced. The cooling radiator is powerful and is equipped with a 1.0m USB data cable. When you plug in the power, it turns on automatically and cools down immediately. As long as you supply power, you can use it for 48 hours without any problem.
【LED work indicator & telescopic clip with non-slip pad】 When you turn on the power button, the work indicator lights up.A place where fans touch the phone made of a heat conductive material that directly absorbs the heat of the mobile phone. The double-sided elastic card is suitable for mobile phones of various sizes, absorbs the mobile phone firmly and prevents it from falling or scratching. Light weight and convenient.
【Caution】 1. When the radiator is operating, it is normal for water droplets to condense on the surface of the thermally conductive silicone pad. 2. After connecting the power supply, do not leave the power supply unnecessarily. 3. Since it has a built-in ceramic semiconductor, avoid high temperatures, choose a place with low humidity and temperature, and do not give a strong impact.

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