Shock Absorbing Back Cover Stand Case for Samsung Galaxy A21

Price: $19.99
(as of Dec 17,2020 08:35:58 UTC – Details)

Protective Kickstand Back Cover with Secure Pocket Clip Lock

Most basic cases offer protection and security to your mobile phone, our case not just protects the phone but does so in a very stylish manner that is sure to get you noticed.

The case is made of high quality TPU material that is strong and durable and does not lose its shape or form. It is dual layered and offers complete protection to the phone. Air cushioned technology makes sure that phone remains protected from all four corners and the case absorbs the shock in case of fall or bumps. Camera bump guard makes sure that the lens never comes in contact with the surface, protecting it from scratches and dust.

The inner TPU shell guards the screen while the outer poly-carbonate shell withstands bumps and falls by absorbing the shock. The matte finish rubberized back cover does not attract fingerprints or scratches. The back cover has a heat dissipating design which makes sure that air flow happens well and the phone does not get too hot.

Uniqueness of this case lies in its kickstand. The clip-on stand can clip the phone to your belt or trouser or shirt pocket, so that it does not fall off accidentally and remain protected and securely attached. The kickstand can also rotate 360 degrees and offers a convenient viewing angle.

The back cover is specifically designed to fit Samsung Galaxy A21 and allows full access to all ports, buttons and camera on the mobile. This is a slim and lightweight case and is perfect for your phone.

Air Cushioned Case: The inner TPU shell wraps around the screen so that it does not come in touch with surface, while outer cover protects the phone on all four corners and guards against bumps and falls
Lens Guard: The case wraps easily around the phone, making sure that neither the camera lens nor the front screen comes in contact with the surface, protecting them from scratches and dust
Clip-On Stand: The clipper on the back of the case can securely attach to your pocket or belt and offer a secure grip, preventing accidental drops
Compatibility: Designed to fit Samsung Galaxy A21, the case allows quick and easy access to all ports and buttons of your phone

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